Error message 0x8004010F appeared when opening Outlook!


Hello, this is K.

When opening Microsoft Outlook, error message 0x8004010F appeared on


the screen and am unable to receive mail.


Outlook opened but there is there is no new mail and all the old e-mails in


the other folders are gone.


Or you may see this message:

Specified file path is invalid.

After that,

These messages may also appear:

Microsoft Outlook will not open, the Outlook window will not open, the set

folders cannot be opened. File not found.



Did you organize or clean out the contents of your Documents?

By default, your Outlook data is stored in documents. If that file is moved or

deleted, Outlook will not be able to read the data it needs to open and the

error messages will be displayed.


And now for the solution:

First, check to see if the Outlook folder or the extension pst is not in your

recycle bin.

If it is not in the recycle bin, type outlook under search at the bottom of your

screen. Did you find the outlook folder or pst?

If you emptied your recycle bin or if nothing comes up when you search for

the file…it is time to give up.

In this case, you will need to set up your account again. There may be some

data left in the mail server.

If you are lucky and found the data, put it back in Documents, but make sure

to delete the new Outlook file that was generated when you tried to open


If no error messages appear after moving your data back to Documents, your

problem has been solved.


Sometimes, even if you move the data back, these error messages may popup

the Outlook window will not open, the set folders cannot be opened. An

unexpected error occured

If this happened please take the following steps:


Open control panel

Choose large icons or small icons

Choose 【Mail(Microsoft Outlook 20XX)】 and click



Click on 【data file】


Under the data folder on the upper left click 【add】


Choose Documents→ Outlook File→ Outlook Data File and click 【OK】

This should have solved the problem and Outlook should now work.